8 zero-waste lifestyle havens to fuel your conscious life in Kuala Lumpur

27 July 2022

8 zero-waste lifestyle havens to fuel your conscious life in Kuala Lumpur

Waste is no small matter. According to a report by The World Bank, the existing waste we have on Earth will increase by a whopping 70% by 2050 unless successfully curbed. In response to this possibility, Malaysia is actively participating in the global fight against waste in various ways, from establishing a nationwide roadmap on single-use plastic to developing a viable circular economy.

It’s no wonder, then, why the zero-waste living lifestyle has rapidly flourished in Greater Kuala Lumpur. With the following businesses garnering traction in the region, it’s clear that many urbanites in Malaysia are doing their part to heal the country – and the planet.

01. The Hive 

Located across the Klang Valley, The Hive is a zero-waste franchise that sells quality dry foods and household items in bulk. They also offer eco-friendly beauty products that do not break the bank, from package-free shampoo bars to locally sourced facial oils.

The Hive recently made waves with its Freedom Flow Project, which aims to help menstruating people from underprivileged communities achieve better menstrual hygiene. The movement can eradicate period poverty – a real crisis in Malaysia, considering that approximately 47% of people in this demography currently do not have access to proper and clean menstruation support tools. At the same time, the project can help redefine the country’s approach to sexual health education.

02. Minimize Zero Waste Store

Based in Subang Jaya’s SS14 district, Minimize inspires people to embrace the zero-waste lifestyle beyond recycling and upcycling.

On top of selling household items in bulk and starter packs for zero-waste newbies, the store also hosts a notable pets corner. Here, conscious animal lovers often get their supply of its signature dehydrated and freeze-dried treats.

Recently, Minimize has also expanded its forte into aromatherapy. Customers can expect an entirely new olfactory corner selling package-free bath bombs and essential oil refills.

03. NULL Zero Waste Factory

With stalls in premium sections across various malls in Greater Kuala Lumpur, NULL dispenses high-quality foods and household items into one’s reusable containers. The business takes pride in promoting products that are not only grounded in zero-waste ethos but also ones that are cruelty-free, biodegradable and made of plant-based ingredients free of paraben and harsh chemicals.

What makes NULL exceptional is the way it nudges customers’ behavioural patterns towards circularity. The factory incentivizes greener consumerism by awarding customers cash rebates at multiple levels, depending on how many containers they donate.

04. SEEDY Zero Waste Store

What is better than making your own pasta recipe? Making your own pasta recipe without any waste at all. This is where Seedy comes to help. The self-proclaimed everyday kedai runcit (Malay for ‘general store’) sells homemade noodles and pastas, among other daily kitchen essentials, without any packaging at all. This means customers must come to the store with containers readily in hand to store their noodles.

Zero-waste culinary experiences are not the only thing Seedy is known for. Perhaps even more remarkable than its package-free kitchen supplies is the fact that its founder consistently uses plastic waste for creating ecobricks, which serve as greener alternatives to building blocks. Seedy’s best achievement: successfully using 602 pieces of ecobricks to build Malaysia’s first-ever recycling centre made from the material.

04. Zero Waste Earth Store

Zero Waste started when its two co-founders, Dr Janira Kumari and Jaclynnd Wong Yin Thing, combined their expertise in the medical field and ISO system training to develop a sustainable product line for the waste-free community in Shah Alam.

While the store is popular for its plastic-free daily essentials within the region, it is even better known for its selection of zero-waste Malaysian snacks and coffee grounds. As part of its community-based outreach practice, the store has supplied ecobricks to help build shelters for rescued turtles at the Organic Farm in Batu Arang, Selangor.

04. Liquid Etc

Want zero-packaging cleaning and beauty formulas that are as non-toxic as they are waste free? Look no further than Liquid Etc. The store, which is the first of its kind in Klang, dispenses liquid household items that are safe to use around children and animals.

Liquid Etc’s 29-year-old founder, Le Zanne, established the store back in 2019 help conscious Klang and Shah Alam citizens meet their needs at affordable prices. Her outlook stems from the belief that sustainability should not come at hefty prices (as it should not!).

Besides providing zero-waste household items, Liquid Etc also provides customers with home disinfection and sanitisation services using non-toxic formulas approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Health.

04. Dusun

Situated in the heart of Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Dusun is an eco-friendly, women-run fruit boutique that serves its customers fresh produce sourced from local farmers committed to sustainability. Having began as a small fruit shop in 2009, the store quickly grew to offer organically grown vegetables and sustainably produced household items. In recent times, it has even expanded to include a cafe that offers a menu of plant-based snacks, cold-pressed juices and package-free fresh gifts.

Besides actively supporting biodynamics farming and community composting efforts, the Dusun brand aims to eventually offer green education (via a forest school and hosting mindful interactions with Malaysia’s indigenous people) and establish a farm-based wellness retreat in northern Malaysia.

04. 33 Rice Mart

What are Malaysian cuisines without the country’s staple product? Now, rice lovers can eat healthier thanks to 33 Rice Mart. The store offers literally 33 different types of nutritious rice, on top of other food items, to support various health-driven dietary needs. At heart, it promotes a zero-packaging policy from the get-go. This means customers can buy as much rice as they want – only if they bring their own reusable shopping containers.

As obscure as it may sound, 33 Rice Mart is not hard to find. The store is franchised across Greater Kuala Lumpur, from Setapak all the way to Petaling Jaya.

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