6 future-forward workspaces in Greater Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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21 October 2022

Love it or hate it, the remote working trend is here to stay — with a twist.

Home offices have undoubtedly been the default setup for most employees for the past few years in Greater Kuala Lumpur. But now, more and more people want flexible work arrangements enabling them to work outside without the usual cons of the office culture.

To accommodate this need, companies from your usual multinational corporations (MNCs) to coworking space firms have sought to redefine the workplace. Think collaboration-centric hybrid spaces that are more than just open layouts and hot desks.

Watch out for the top six of our favourite hybrid workspaces in Greater Kuala Lumpur, below. Their business growths are as undeniable as the people-driven perks they provide.

01. Novartis

Who said hot desking is only for creatives? That’s essentially what pharmaceutical firm Novartis had in mind when it planned a new hybrid workplace for employees in Kuala Lumpur. Located in Plaza Imazium in Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya, the newly unveiled space aims to reimagine the firm’s medical services by elevating the work experiences of its personnel.

Novartis has always believed that people are its most valuable resource. The new space proves that the company delivers on its word. A visit to the new space reveals a full suite of technology and digital services such as smart lockers so employees can optimize their routines. As a sustainable workplace, the state-of-the-art hybrid office uses eco-friendly furnishings made from recycled coffee grounds and reuses monitors and kitchen utensils as much as possible.

02. Huntsman

Publicly traded global manufacturer Huntsman has made news with its intention to attract 100 new talents under its Asia-Pacific wings for the next few years. What better way to foster the expansion than with a future-forward workplace that puts employees first, right?

Case in point: The company’s Kuala Lumpur-based global business services centre recently moved into a bigger office whose modern layout is more open, integrated, creative and inspiring. Among many fresh design elements are huddle rooms, which aim to inspire and optimize smaller group collaborations. With the move, the company can empower its employees to think outside of the box and leverage their conducive work environment to sharpen their competitive edge.

03. WeWork

No list of hybrid working spaces in Greater Kuala Lumpur can exist without including an ode to global coworking space behemoth WeWork. The company has multiple spaces in the city centre, led by its opulent branch in the iconic landmark Mercu 2. The spaces provide all the ‘cool office’ perks that WeWork has been known for over the years. But perhaps the best privileges that flexible companies and professionals can leverage are its all-exclusive, ever-evolving global network of business connections and infrastructure. After all, the company has just released announced a new global initiative to foster a flexible return to work.

04. Common Ground

Having started in 2017, Malaysian coworking giant Common Ground is relatively new in the hybrid space scene in Greater Kuala Lumpur. However, there is way more to its eclectically designed coworking spaces than meets the eye. The company has recently made waves for its merger with The Flexi Group. Today, they are currently aiming for an IPO as a united entity. From a humble beginning of 14 locations throughout Malaysia, it will now host a whopping 45 locations in 12 cities and nine countries in the Asia-Pacific Region. Talk about massive growth!

05. Regus

Owned by the global coworking space group IWG, 17 of Regus’ Malaysian offices are located in Kuala Lumpur alone. What sets the company apart is not only its array of customizable spaces that cater to all business sizes (and we mean all of them — their dominion is worldwide after all).

Regus also notably researches disruptive ways for flexible working spaces to transform and adapt to the times. A key area that the company has been looking into is technological disruptors. For one, it recently reported that 66% of global business leaders view the metaverse as a natural progression for hybrid working, with 48% already exploring online office spaces for their employees.

With its hyper-advanced focus on the future, Regus is indeed among the top flexible workplace provider to keep on the radar for unique, larger-than-life opportunities.

06. Co-Labs Asia

Ever wonder if the hybrid working experience can be further customized to fit various unique individual levels, all at once? Then look no further than Co-Labs Asia. The company offers a customized package that balances work-from-home and work-from-office needs across all employees depending on their registered unique needs. The customization solution is especially perfect for international companies that leverage young and mobile talents with personalized schedules.

Priding itself on being for the people, Co-Labs Asia ensures that all of its spaces across Greater Kuala Lumpur offer state-of-the-art in-house employee benefits. The future is indeed flexible here, so expect inclusive perks such as nap pods, nursing rooms, health-compliant wellness amenities, and mentorship programs.

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