InvestKL launches new website & virtual reality experience to showcase Greater Kuala Lumpur as leading investment destination

KUALA LUMPUR , 28 July 2021 – InvestKL, an agency under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) has launched two digital projects focused on showcasing Greater KL as a leading investment destination in Asia. The projects are part of the agency’s ongoing efforts to attract Fortune 500 and Forbes 2000 multinationals and fast-growing companies to establish their regional hubs and high-value activities in Greater KL amidst challenges in the global control of COVID-19.

The newly designed website aims to elevate user experience, mainly foreign investors seeking business insights and references on Greater KL. The website features a sophisticated modern design, improved navigation and functionality allowing a seamless search to various investor resources. The website also features a new blog page ‘Spotlight Greater KL’ and a podcast section ‘InvestKL Conversations’ featuring talks with multinational companies, academic leaders and more. The website will soon introduce a chatbot named Kayla in its next phase to provide value-driven support and ease of contact for current and potential investors.

The second project is a virtual reality (VR) experience in partnership with LokaLocal, a technology provider that creates business solutions through Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. At a click of a button, the tour navigates users to Greater KL’s top liveability attractions such as River of Life, Merdeka Square and the National Monument and exciting business hubs such as Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Bangsar South and Cyberjaya, offering investors an impressive view of the city’s development, facilities, and infrastructure. More business hubs are expected to be shot and featured in phase two. InvestKL is the first investment promotion agency in Malaysia to showcase a location through this simulation allowing investors to experience Greater KL from anywhere in the world.

InvestKL Chief Executive Officer, Muhammad Azmi Zulkifli said; We strive to position ourselves as a leader in our field, one that embraces the importance of digital transformation. We once travelled to meet potential investors, build relationships through networking events and trade shows, but this new era requires us to drive awareness of Greater KL, connect and engage in a virtual world. The two projects are a step in the right direction, and we continue to adopt new innovative strategies at the forefront of digital and technology trends to attract high-value FDI’s remotely. To date, we have been able to maintain active discussions with our investors, keeping the momentum on a positive note.

LokaLocal Chief Executive Officer, Chin Yoon Khen said, “We will continuously enhance InvestKL’s Virtual Tour to accentuate Greater KL’s investment hubs and its liveability assets in 360 degrees. Our vision at LokaLocal is to develop interactive experiences that combine physical and digital environments using VR and AR. We are also bringing in artificial intelligence (AI) to make these virtual experiences more personalised and engaging, thus welcoming the new age of storytelling with real-world solutions.

InvestKL recently announced its first half of 2021 progress of RM1.92 billion in new investments with 1,207 regional jobs from a total of 7 MNCs during this period, making headway in achieving their year-end target; part of a 10-year strategic plan to attract 100 of the world’s multinationals and fast-growing companies.

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