Greater Kuala Lumpur, The Regional Headquarters Location For Multinational Companies In Asia

Kuala Lumpur - the catalyst for high growth regional services hubs

1 July 2019: MALAYSIA’s determination in attracting high-value investments is expected to see more multinational companies (MNCs) with regional services activities setting up their business hubs in the country.

InvestKL’s CEO Datuk Zainal Amanshah said that many MNCs with regional services businesses have established a footprint in Kuala Lumpur, providing high-value employment opportunities to Malaysians. These high value activities will push the country to be a catalyst in the services sector and become a high growth country in the region.

“Their investments here is a resounding testament to Kuala Lumpur’s conducive ecosystem combined with the range and strength of high skilled talents that are available and transform our economy to become more vibrant and sustainable,” he adds

Leveraging on the government’s Industry 4.0 initiative, InvestKL is determined to continue its efforts to bring in regional business services to set up their regional hub or headquarters in Kuala Lumpur and grow their business in Asia.

PERSOLKELLY Consulting has established the Asia Pacific Headquarter & Centre of Competence in Kuala Lumpur. This leading global human resource consulting and professional services company offers human resources consulting, analytics and technology via innovative talent development, management advisory and insightsdriven solutions to achieve optimal results for clients in Asia Pacific. Kuala Lumpur serves as the most competitive regional operations base with access to agile talent and extensive business ecosystem.

PersolKelly Consulting Asia Pacific managing director and business head Anthony Raja Devadoss said the company is constantly looking at ways to transform its businesses and meet customer demands and expectations, adding that the firm has seen good business growth since setting up base in Malaysia a year ago.

“There is always a demand for research. There are research firms out there but not a lot in the people business,” he told StarBiz in an interview.

“Marketwise, we see Malaysia on the growth path. Other Asean markets also show promise, so we need to work on the supply & demand side to be able to deliver to our customers.”

With offices across Asia – in Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, China (operating under Intelligence Anchor Consulting) and Japan (through collaboration with PERSOL Research and Consulting), we are committed to shape the future workforce by empowering individuals, organisations and societies.

Meanwhile, Accenture is another leading Global Management Consulting and Professional Services firm that has established its Regional Delivery Centre for APAC in Kuala Lumpur. Accenture has three Intelligent Operations Centres here and supports clients worldwide with high value jobs in Marketing, Finance & Accounting and Sourcing & Procurement services.

Accenture country managing director Azwan Baharuddin is confident that the Malaysian operations will perform well in 2019. With KL’s strategic location and diversity, the centre is currently supporting 23 languages. KL’s urbanised population is also highly educated and this enables them to help their clients leverage intelligent operations and to unlock trapped value from their business.

“Last year was a phenomenal year for us. From a global perspective, we grew 10.5%. From a Malaysian standpoint, we did very well too,” he said.

Accenture specialises in providing strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations services

“This year, the company is focusing on three areas, namely digital, cloud and security. The growth rate of these is projected at 25%, and that’s like 60% of our global business,” said Azwan.

“We used to be a company that’s purely focused on technology, but we’re shifting away from that. We want to emphasize more high value-add jobs that help clients lead in this era of epic disruption.”

Azwan said the group’s target this year is to maintain the growth trajectory that it achieved in 2018.
Growing the business
With Malaysia being perceived as a driver in manufacturing, PersolKelly’s Anthony said the company is looking to capitalise on the important role in the growth of the country’s economy and provide high skilled jobs to Malaysians.

“We’re looking to expand to North Asia and hope to add Thailand and Vietnam by this year.

In North Asia, we’ll have Hong Kong, Greater China and South Korea. So, we’re looking at about five countries. It’s an aggressive step but our strategy is to start small because we’re a consulting organisation. We don’t need very large teams and we deploy local associate networks.”

Accenture’s Malaysian operations meanwhile has seen its staff strength triple to 6,000 people currently from just 2,000 people two years ago, said Azwan.

“The growth trajectory has been massive, and we’ve had to learn very fast. We’re one of the biggest teams for Accenture in Asean.” He added that the government’s Industry 4.0 agenda would benefit multinational companies such as Accenture.

“It’s about talent development and when the government is saying it wants to participate in Industry 4.0, it bodes well for the supply side. The government needs to have the right policy framework so that you can get better local participation by more people. It means better access to technology and global markets, which we hope will eventually lead to some kind of hyper growth among local entrepreneurs and even our government-linked companies.”

Industry 4.0 is the term used to describe the current trend of automation, big data technology, robotics and analytics in manufacturing technologies. “Increased productivity means we can export our services throughout the world. India grew on the back of outsourcing and so is the Philippines, currently. We have to have the knowledge and employment capability. Eventually, it will be a norm, but it won’t be so soon,” said Azwan.
Source: The Star