Greater KL: Malaysia’s Transformation

As the country's capital, the Greater Kuala Lumpur region serves as the commercial pulse of Malaysia's economic activity and houses some of the world's largest multinational companies.

Some of whom have been operating in the company for more than half a century, these include:
Invest in Greater KL: The Time is Now
Greater KL is poised to transform into one of the world’s top cities by 2020. In addition to creating a haven for bustling economic activity, Malaysia’s transformation will cement the region’s liveability, reinforced by efforts including the revitalisation of its rivers, environmental conservation and improving the pedestrian network.

As it develops into a true cosmopolitan hub, Greater KL can only continue to offer exciting prospects for businesses seeking a foothold in the flourishing Asian region. With the region attaining further progress in tandem with Malaysia’s transformation, the time is ripe for investors to ride on growth opportunities in Greater KL.