Greater Kuala Lumpur, The Regional Headquarters Location For Multinational Companies In Asia


Our Talent
Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures, languages and backgrounds. This diversity has provided Greater Kuala Lumpur with a competitive advantage to nurture, attract and retain world-class talent. As a result, investors have access to a highly educated and multi-lingual talent pool. 

To build and maintain a sustainable workforce, Greater Kuala Lumpur has various initiatives in place including issuing incentives to Malaysians working abroad to return home, offering buy out packages for top talent and setting up institutions of higher learning to nurture a new generation of talent.

The Malaysian talent pool comprises professionals from a wide range of sectors including financial services, oil and gas, education, property and construction, architecture and engineering, law, marketing, fashion, design and the arts. 
  • Bring
    Attracting top foreign talent to Greater Kuala Lumpur.


    To assist businesses during their start-up period in Malaysia, there will be support from various local stakeholders to help businesses bring in their own industry experts. 

    Sharing Ideas

    Businesses are encouraged to promote knowledge and technology sharing between foreign experts and the local talent pool. This exchange of ideas between foreign and local talent consistently creates a more dynamic work environment. 

    Immigration Policy

    Malaysia’s expatriate service division provides assistance with visas, residence and employment passes (both temporary and for professional visits) to meet the business needs of investors.

    Residence Pass

    Malaysia has re-launched its ten-year Residence Pass-Talent work permit for foreign talent and their families, allowing them to seek employment and study with minimal red tape as the country seeks to attract the best talent.
  • Buy
    Attracting top local talent.

    High Demand

    Malaysia’s Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) is drawing in investments of RM1.4 trillion to push the country up the value chain, creating a strong demand for high-paying skilled jobs in strategic sectors. 


    A network of recruitment agencies, government ministries and industry associations are working together to ensure that the best local talent is recruited. There are also collaborative initiatives with local universities to channel the best local talent into specific niche industries. There are over 40 local universities that are supplying approximately 110,000 graduates every year in various industries. 

    Experienced Professionals

    There is a pool of approximately 3.19 million experienced Malaysian professionals in various industries available locally that investors can tap into. 

    Returning Home

    There are numerous initiatives to encourage the 1 million Malaysians who are currently working overseas to return to Malaysia, with a range of incentives and benefits available.
  • Build
    Growing talent in Malaysia.

    Passing It On

    Top foreign and Malaysian professionals pass on valuable knowledge, insights and experience to a young local talent pool, either through on-the-job training or professional training programmes. 


    Collaborative efforts between key industries and local stakeholders are increasing to ensure continuous learning and the enhancement of the talent pool. Various initiatives are available, ranging from Bank Negara’s Financial Sector Talent Enrichment Programme to overcome labour shortages, to the Multimedia Development Corporation’s (MDeC) training programmes to boost the marketability of IT graduates. 

    Language Proficiency

    Exposure to the global market ensures that language skills are improved. A pool of multi-lingual talent is available to businesses in Malaysia. 


    The Human Resources Ministry’s Skills Development Fund provides loans to Malaysians pursuing programmes in accredited training institutions, ranging from information technology to management skills, key requirements of today’s employers.