Greater Kuala Lumpur, The Regional Headquarters Location For Multinational Companies In Asia

Growth strategies to meet Today’s Supply Chain Trends And Challenges

  • As the current growth of Global Economy is slowing down, the world’s central banks are going into negative rates to reinvigorate their economies. Multinational Companies (MNCs) seeking to defend shareholder value need to seek out new opportunities for growth and protect their EBITDA via better cost management programs.

  • Best in Class MNCs are now looking at Asia Pacific as a consumption base market instead of manufacturing and setting up regional structures and consolidating regional functions for sales and marketing, product development, distributor management and supply chain management activities to capitalize the regions’ growth.

  • A location with tax-efficient jurisdictions is vital to manage regional P&Ls ensuring maximization of profit and efficient treasury management for these MNCs.
Therefore, if an efficient supply chain management in the region is the answer to maximising profits, MNCs need to look to consolidate their strategic functions in the region from an effective and efficient central location in Asia. InvestKL analyses the situation by sharing a series of three articles on Supply Chain Trends and Challenges featuring the following topics:

Daniel H Goh, Senior Manager of Advisory in InvestKL has 15 years of business management experience in various multinational firms across various industries including Electronics, Medical Devices, Timber and Banking.