Greater Kuala Lumpur, The Regional Headquarters Location For Multinational Companies In Asia


In a rapidly changing global economic landscape, innovative ideas and business models will be essential to underpin future growth and competitiveness. 

Greater Kuala Lumpur’s potential for the investment and cultivation of innovation-related activities can be divided into the three key focus areas of:
  • Create
    Greater Kuala Lumpur is an exciting and dynamic hub for discovering new and better ways of doing business with its diverse and skilled population, coupled with dozens of universities, innovation agencies and knowledge centres.


    Public and private funding are available at all levels for projects in areas including the creative arts, sciences (e.g. nanotechnology and biotechnology) as well as the automotive and aerospace engineering sectors, among others.
  • Manage
    Innovations and ideas are protected in Malaysia, one of the top destinations for trademark applications in 2011.


    Malaysia’s Intellectual Property Corporation (MyIPO), a one-stop government agency, handles the registration of ideas from trademarks to patents, strengthens existing laws, promotes public awareness of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and provides advisory services. Registration costs are among the most competitive in the region. 


    MyIPO is backed by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cooperatives (MDTCC) which is responsible for the enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). Investors can be assured that their IPR will be protected. 


    Cases and disputes are speedily resolved with six dedicated IPR courts and 15 Sessions Courts in Malaysia as well as the Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre of Arbitration (KLRCA).
  • Monetise
    The real value of innovation is truly captured and realised in Greater Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia.


    Ideas drive markets and vice-versa. In 2012, AIM helped commercialise 33 projects – including producing natural sweeteners from sawdust and devising board games - with the potential to generate nearly RM1.6 billion in three years.

    Financial Support

    Malaysia’s largest bank, Maybank, and Bank Rakyat accept IPR as collateral for financing business expansion, making idea generation a viable and profitable venture. 

    Easy Funding = Many Ideas

    Funding innovation has never been easier. With competitive funding from agencies like Malaysia Debt Ventures’ IP fund (circa 2 percent) and Credit Guarantee Corporation (CGS) which offers participation guarantees, entrepreneurs have the invaluable support they need to make their vision a reality. 


    To support the increasing numbers of IP collaterals, MyIPO is building up the numbers of IP valuers in Malaysia. MyIPO has kickstarted this by setting up an academy to train IP valuers.

    Marketing Platform

    In creating a conducive marketing environment, AIM has selected 50 new products for open bidding, with the potential to generate more than RM0.5 billion in revenue following three years of commercialisation.
In addition to an investor-friendly business environment, Greater Kuala Lumpur offers seamless, end-to-end support for innovation investors: from research and development to the commercialisation of innovative products and services.