Greater Kuala Lumpur, The Regional Headquarters Location For Multinational Companies In Asia

Logo Rationale

The use of the elegant Adobe Garamond font with sharp edges symbolises InvestKL’s spirit in interactions with investor; dynamic, result-oriented and razor-sharp in action.

The biggest type, KL, exudes our pride in growing the city hand-in-hand with global businesses as the corporations make their home in KL.

KL stands out in red, conveying the city and InvestKL’s passion, responsiveness and aggressive outlook. It is juxtaposed with dark gray, reflecting integrity and customer centricity, key values of InvestKL as we attract top global multinationals to invest in Greater Kuala Lumpur.

The iconic Twin Towers and the KL Tower in a growing city skyline reflect continuous progress and development, symbolic of increasing business opportunities in Greater Kuala Lumpur.