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Kuala Lumpur 2040 Master Plan Set to Make KL Greater

KUALA LUMPUR: The planning for Kuala Lumpur 2040 Master Plan will take place next year said Minister of Territories YB Khalid Samad.

“The 2040 plan will look at various issues such as traffic management, smart city, safety, cleanliness, well-planned public transport system and sufficient open spaces in the city,” said YB Khalid at the InvestKL Merdeka Dinner 2018: “Making KL Greater” forum.

YB Khalid said there will be plans for back-up system and support services for the public transport system.

He said the ridership for public transport is low as there are issues of connectivity from home to station and from station to work place.

“All these were not planned out well. As a result people prefer to brave the traffic.

“We got to plan out back up and support services,” said YB Khalid.

He also said the KL 2020 Master Plan 2020 was not gazetted and many infringements have occurred.

“There has been a lot of infringement and many things have been built which is contrary to the master plan. We got to first gazette it although some say it is academic but the very least we are doing the right thing,” he said, adding the infringements will be listed.

On issue of housing in the city, YB Khalid said the ministry is working with developers to provide affordable housing for both the lower income and middle income groups which ranges from below RM100,000 to RM300,000.

“By the end of this year, we should have a total of 50,000 units of Rumah WIP for the middle income category. This is close to our target of 80,000,” said YB Khalid, adding the housing matter is being transferred to the Ministry of Housing and Local Government.

He said his ministry will collaborate with the Housing Ministry to ensure more housing are available.

“This problem perhaps need radical approach and obviously we are open to suggestions on how to handle this,” said Khalid.

According to YB Khalid there are also plans to upgrade food facilities from street hawkers to better locations and convert them to food trucks.

“We want to make sure all these activities kept at high level of cleanliness, hygienic and better ambience,” he said.

Asked on the planned greenspaces in the city that has been turned into other developments, YB Khalid said: “We cannot undo what has been done but when we do the 2040 plan, we have to make sure what is available as greenspaces are properly gazetted. Those areas where we decide to do redevelopment, there should be greenspaces.”

He also said the Khazanah Nasional rainforest park project at the National Monument would be expanded in acreage to recreate a tropical jungle within the area.

On the appointment of the new KL mayor, YB Khalid hopes to finalise the candidate by the mid of September.

InvestKL annual Merdeka Dinner is held to foster an open dialogue between government ministers and guests to share their insights and perspective. The evening also celebrates the country young talent, many whom work in the various multi-national companies.

Source: InvestKL