Greater Kuala Lumpur, The Regional Headquarters Location For Multinational Companies In Asia

A Forward Looking And Balanced Budget

Datuk Zainal Amanshah
27 October 2017 – The Budget 2018 which was tabled by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak today sees a forward looking budget as it strikes a balance for businesses to prosper as well as programs for the well being of the people.

In its quest to shape the future, it is crucial to recognize that the country is also competing in the global marketplace for investments with our own unique value propositions. We are delighted with the extension of Principal Hub initiative till 31st December 2020. This will continue to attract high value regional hub activities into Greater Kuala Lumpur and continue to create more global talent and high value jobs.

Greater KL will benefit from the government’s announcement to continuously improve the public transport infrastructure. The commitment to MRT2 and HSR plus expediting MRT3 completion by two years, is a positive sign that will improve our connectivity and make Kuala Lumpur an even more liveable city. These upcoming projects can be a catalyst for growth for the whole country and will have a direct and positive impact for businesses and investments. This will create a multiplier effect that will benefit the people in terms of cost of living, jobs and business opportunities.

The government's emphasis on Industry 4.0 will also boost and enhance the digital economy in a big way. The allocation of RM83.5 Million for Phase One of the DFTZ infrastructure development shows the importance that the government is placing on the Digital Economy. This will boost Greater Kuala Lumpur as a regional digital hub for Malaysia. Besides ensuring state-of-the-art capabilities and capacity, we need to also have a strong human capital base that is ready to embrace and compete with our current standards of Industry 4.0 and the Digital Economy. This will enable Malaysian businesses to tap into the regional and global economic growth.

Last but not least, we applaud the regulatory sandbox across industries as it will encourage more innovation and create new business models.

These efforts presented will continue to fulfill the government’s commitment to both businesses and the people.